Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching, LLC

Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching, LLC

Testimonials from Real Women

“I’ve struggled for decades and tried just about everything to lose weight. Siri’s compassion, knowledge and ability to teach me the skills required for healthy eating were exactly what I needed. Not only have I lost over 70 pounds in 7 months and eliminated my need for any medication, my cholesterol went from 168 to 156, my triglycerides from 181 to 116, and my glucose from 108 to 83. I can’t thank you enough. Women’s Way has done for me what countless other organizations and diets couldn’t. Thank you, Women’s Way! I am so grateful.”

C.W., Age 53, Lost and maintained 97 pounds…(10/24/10)

“In a non-judgmental and gentle approach, Women’s Way has helped me uncover the “root causes” of why I overeat.  Women’s Way offers advice and practical strategies to change behavioral patterns repeated over years.  I look forward to the shared wisdom at our meetings.  I especially appreciate the workable solutions to daily life, and upbeat attitude.”

A.S., Age 50, Lost and maintained 46 pounds so far…(10/24/10)

“My biggest struggle on my weight loss journey has been myself.  I feel like I am waging an internal struggle with the “overweight me” who I know very well and this other person inside of me that I don’t know yet.  I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life and have struggled with multiple diets with always the same result: temporary loss followed by a reverting back to old patterns aka gaining back all the weight plus more.  With the help of Annie Wills, I’ve been slowly but surely trying to change that mentality.  With her help, I’ve been able to work through what I am saying to myself and ways to question my negative self-talk.  She’s always so friendly, warm and finds a way to put me instantly at ease.  I am so grateful to her and the entire Women’s Way team!” 

T.E., age 34, Lost 29 pounds so far…(10/24/10)

“I’ve suffered from knee pain for over a year. After rounds of physical therapy and doses of anti-inflammatory medication, I did not get much relief and learned to live with the pain. I never shared my knee problems with any of the staff at Women’s Way. I was in a small group lesson led by Frederic. Frederic started to lead our group through a set of exercises using our whole body. Secretly, I was dreading doing what he was demonstrating because I knew my knee would hurt more than it already did. I kept my fears to myself and did the exercises. I was amazed to feel no pain in my “bad” knee. In fact, my knee felt great! It was nothing short of miraculous for me to be able to bend and stretch my leg without even a twinge of pain. I continue to use Frederic’s exercises to help me improve my flexibility and strength.”

M.M., age 39 (12/8/09), Successfully maintained over 100 pound weight loss


“Patty is the perfect person to introduce a gentle yoga practice to the mix of individual and group services offered at Women’s Way.  Part of my struggle with renewing my own yoga practice was how out of shape I had become with my weight gain, and my inability to keep up with the fit people in my class.  Aside from being a lovely, caring, and joyful person, Patty is very knowledgeable about the physical body, sensitive to physical limitations, and incorporates her own personal experience of gaining physical and spiritual well-being through yoga and eating well into her yoga classes at Women’s Way.  She is always encouraging, and her classes intend to inform clients of the long-term benefits of yoga as well as provide a gentle beginner’s practice to build skills and strength.  Patty rocks!”

 CK, age 52, Lost 4 pounds so far (10/24/10)

The following is an excerpt written by a reporter for the Knoxville News Sentinel on 3/21/10:

When Pamela Jones enrolled at Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching in 2009, she simply wanted to start feeling better.  “I was at great risk of developing some serious physical problems from weight,” said the 59-year-old.  Jones had tried a number of diet plans for years. She would lose weight and do well for a while. But it was never permanent.  “At Women’s Way, it’s more than pounds,” said Jones. “It’s choices I hope I’m making for a lifetime. The program is customized just for me. It’s holistic and it has mindfulness that translates into everything – even my job,” said Jones, a social worker by profession in East Tennessee.  A year ago, Jones might have opted for a sugary snack when stressed at her work desk. Today, she takes short walks and snacks on carrots, not donuts.  “This program is so individualized combining nutritional assessments with exercise, meditation and therapy. I’m working with my family doctor and sharing tests. He’s pretty happy with my progress through Women’s Way,” she said.  That progress in six to seven months includes a loss of 25 pounds, walking 20 miles a week and a stable blood pressure. She’s on track to walk the 13.1-mile half marathon in Knoxville this spring.  “Now these choices are just part of my regular life,” Jones said.  And more.  “The biggest difference is my energy and confidence, which are huge,” Jones said. “And I’ve got some more weight to lose, about 25 more pounds. I can do this.”  The group component of Women’s Way includes support, fun and relationship to food – a new concept to Jones.  “I want to eat because I’m hungry, not because of something stressful or negative in my life,” she said.

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