Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching, LLC

Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching, LLC

Review of the Evidence

Well over 50% of the individuals who lose weight gain it back over time.  What is it about the select few who are able to keep weight off over the long haul?  Find out more about their characteristics and what specific behaviors are essential for long-term weight management success.  Visit the National Weight Control Registry.   

Yoga is an ancient technique with recent literature reviews demonstrating its effectiveness.  Read the Yoga Clinical Research Review.  Another research paper on yoga indicates that Overeating Is Not About the Food .

It may not always be about the food, but awareness of food behaviors are essential for change.  Learn about an entirely new approach called Mindful Eating.  Further research on Mindfulness and Cravings is also available.  

Curious about what diet strategies are proven to be effective and which ones are hype?  Review the American Dietetic Association’s Position Paper on Weight Management: ADA Position Paper Weight Management.

Become more familiar with the Role of Physical Activity in Weight Regulation.  Also review Evidence for Resistance Training as a Treatment Therapy in Obesity.

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